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Committee Members

The Search Committee is charged with:

  • Actively soliciting nominations for candidates from appropriate sources nationally;
  • Actively recruiting outstanding candidates who have a record of proven experience as an academic administrator and executive team member;
  • Evaluating the qualifications and assessing the strength of nominees and applicants;
  • Consulting with University stakeholders;
  • Recommending the names of 5-7 qualified candidates, outlining the strengths and limitations of each, for final selection by the President.

Committee Members

Search Committee Leadership

Dr. Shirley O'Brien, Co-Chair Professor/Foundation Professor,
Occupational Therapy

Dr. Matthew Winslow,

Professor, Psychology 859‐622‐6171
Mr. Jeremy Raines, Staff Liaison Executive Assistant to the President and
Board of Regents

Business and Technology

Dr. Dennis Field, representative Professor, Applied Engineering and Technology 859‐622‐6781
Dr. Zek Eser, alternate Associate Professor, Accounting/Finance/Infor. Sys 859‐622‐6156


Dr. Kevin Rahimzadeh, representative Assoc Professor/Assoc Chair, English 859‐622‐2093
Dr. Todd Hartch, alternate Professor, History 859‐622‐1367
Dr. Joe Gershtenson, alternate Professor, Government & Ethicsx 859‐622‐2606


Dr. Diana Porter, representative Professor, Curriculum & Instruction 859‐622‐2168
Dr. Daniel Roush, alternate

Associate Professor,
Dept Amer SL & Interpreter Education

Dr. Lawrence Crouch, alternate Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling 859‐622‐1124

Health Sciences

Dr. Dana Bush, representative Associate Professor/Chair,
Family & Consumer Sciences
Dr. Michael Bradley, alternate Associate Professor, Recreation & Park Administration 859‐622‐1834

Justice and Safety

Dr. Scott Hunt, representative Professor, Criminal Justice & Police Studies 859‐622‐5074
Dr. Sandy Hunter, alternate Professor, Emergency Medical Care 859‐622‐1030


Dr. Charles Elliott, representative Professor, Biological Sciences 859‐622‐1538
Dr. Martin Brock, alternate Associate Professor, Chemistry 859‐622‐1460
Dr. John White, alternate Professor, Geosciences 859‐622‐1273


Ms. Julie George, representative Coordinator of Public Services  859‐622‐3071

Graduate Education and Research

Mr. Gus Benson, representative Director, Sponsored Programs 859‐622‐3636
Ms. Carrie Ernst, alternate Assoc Director, Graduate School 859‐622‐7973

Faculty Senate

Ms. Victoria Koger, representative Associate University Librarian 859‐622‐3054
Dr. Marco Ciocca, alternate Professor, Physics & Astronomy 859‐622‐6172

Chairs Association

Dr. Abbey Poffenberger, representative Chair ‐ Associate Professor,
Languages, Cultures & Humanities
Dr. Mary Clements, alternate Chair/Professor,
Baccalaureate & Graduate Nursing


Dr. Sheila Pressley, representative Interim Dean and Professor 859‐622‐8176

President's Council

Dr. Gene Palka, representative Vice President Student Success 859‐622‐8097

Provost Direct Reports

Ms. Melinda Compton, representative Acad Affairs Business Officer 859‐622‐2919
Dr. Timothy Forde, representative Vice Provost Diversity &
Chief Diversity Officer
Dr. Tanlee Wasson, representative AVP, Institutional Effectiveness & Research 859‐622‐8664

Model School

John Williamson, representative Superintendent, Model Laboratory School 859‐622‐1032

Student Government

Mr. Ryan Wiggins, representative President, Student Government Association 859‐622‐1724
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